Helpfull links

Project Poznań: Database of the 19th century marriage records from the historic Greater Poland (then Prussian Province of Poznan).

Genetyka: WEB site of the Polish Genealogy Society.

BaSIA: Database of the Wielkopolska Genealogical Society with scans of vital records which have been made online by the Polish National Archives.

Słownik Historyczno-Geograficzny Ziem Polskich w Średniowieczu: Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Medieval Poland.

Polish Genealogical Society of America: Organization that collects, disseminates and preserves information on Polish and Polish-American family history and to helps its members use that information in their own research.

Śląskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne: Genealogical Society of Silesia, Poland

Minakowski's Great Genealogy: Database with over 400,000 people from elites of Central-Eastern Europe 

Szukaj Przodka:  WEB Site with numerous links to sites useful both to novice genealogists and to those who have been engaged in the exploration of ancestors for many years.

Polish Genealogy: Collection of Polish Coat of Arms


Interesting Offer

Anyone interested in purchasing a very interesting ceramic wersion of the Coat of the Arm Napiwon should contact Mr. Janusz Wierzbicki (email: wierzbickiradwan@gmail.com). 

Here are few words from Mr. Wierzbicki : 

„I am designing and molding ceramic replicas of Coat of Arm Napiwon as a part of my hobby. So far I have close to 200 various versions in my collection “The Coat of Arm Gallery of Polish Nobles”. I made and sell them per special request to people who would like to cherish their tradition. I use this fund to expand my collection. In the future, I plan to donate the entire collection to one of the cultural institutions in Poland. ”